Gapel is a Object Oriented Artificial Intelligence Programming language based off C# and High level Assembly.Is also a medium level language like C and High level Assembly.


This language uses a new way to assign variables:

nibble A sint[2] {-8, 6};

Better objects then higher level languages:

.void hello rtrnt is byte int
.start hello
.if (fdec)hellow == [if buttonclicked]true
rtrn 0
.end hello
qword hellow object {hello, form.button, form.button.color = beige, = "hello, world", form.button.coordinates = {450, 750}}

Here's a hello world program

.model flat.console

include dll c:Gapel/dl/console.dll
include dll c:Gapel/dl/winos7.dll

include lib c:Gapel/li/win64.lib
include lib c:Gapel/li/win32.lib

.start data
dword hello string "Hello, world", null
.end data

.start code
.main rtrnt is void
.start main
hello, out, null ; this line outputs hello world
.end main
call exitwait in "\n", null
.end code